Ligustrum ovalifolium new shoots disease

Asked July 2, 2018, 5:40 AM EDT


I planted the hedge last year in October. In the spring everything went well, the plants started to grow well. In May, problems began to appear. On the new shoots began to grow diseased leaves. I cut the affected areas, I sprayed with fungicides and insecticides but the symptoms have not improved. The plants continue to grow abnormally, the leaves are as they appear in the pictures.

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Thank you for your question, Kristian. First, it’s best not to spray fungicides and insecticides without knowing what the problem is. Second, without knowing where you are, it’s difficult to know what insects and pathogens are in your region, since they vary widely, even within states. I can offer two ideas: one is that your plants have been subjected to an herbicide drift, from an application on other plants. The second is that your plant has one or more of the insects/diseases described in this article: But, without a closeup examination of the leaves, it is an inconclusive diagnosis. Sorry I have no magic answer!

Thanks for the quick response! I will try to provide more details to identify the cause of the problem: - I am from Eastern Europe, from Romania - Transylvania - The hedge defines a field of land on which we have grass. Indeed, herbicide treatment for broad-leaved plants has taken place, but between the application date of the herbicide and the occurrence of the problem passed a period of about 1 month. - Around the fence we noticed numerous colonies of ants and spiders. - In addition, now there are plants that dry out even though new scrubbers appear. Dried samples did not show any initial problems. Thank you!

The shrubs appear to be planted too closely, and the ground barrier is probably keeping them from getting water. It often takes a month for herbicide damage to be evident in new tissue growth. Ants are typically an indication of an aphid infestation, since the ants like the nectar that the aphids secrete. And then the spiders eat the ants!

With humidity there are no problems, there is a drip tube installed under the ground barrier. If the herbicide was the problem, will the plant return to normal? Will it have a normal growth or should it be eliminated? Thank you.

Since the plant is evergreen, the foliage will continue to be distorted. If you don’t want to see it, you can prune it off. With all of the stressors your plants are having, I’d suggest waiting until they are dormant to prune (between November and February). Good luck!