Borers in my lillies

Asked July 1, 2018, 2:51 PM EDT

I have what I'm 99% certain is borers in my lilies (there are little white things near the base of the plants--I saw a picture of the same thing in one of my gardening books) and one of the lilies bent over and broke. IN any case, I'm wondering how to get rid of them. My lilies have buds on the top, so I don't want to cut it off, but I have it on two of my plants, and I don't want it to get in the rest of them. How do I treat the plants & with what? I'm wondering about an insecticide in the dirt or can I get rid of it with an insecticidal soap? I also have 4-striped bugs on my basil that has eaten them up pretty much. I was hoping to not have to put anything on as I have bird and butterflies in the garden as well, but I don't want my lilies ruined either. I can sen a pic if you want, but I'm sure it is a borer & the 4-striped bugs (I saw that one on your website).

Anoka County Minnesota

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I can only guess that you are talking about oriental or Asiatic lilies rather than daylilies. If you are sure you have borers, you need to dig those bulbs out before eggs are laid. If the borer is on only a portion of the bulb you can break that part off and save the bulb. Check the soil around the area where the bulb was to make sure there are no borers in the soil. As far as the 4 lined plant bug, you can use Eight or Sevin on your basil. It will kill the bug but your basil is still useable after a few days. Read the label and follow instructions.