Biting gnats

Asked July 1, 2018, 9:33 AM EDT

  • Mr. Merchant,
I have read your responses to several questions and have to correct you. Your are completely wrong on this matter. There are biting gnats that inhabit homes and vehicles. If you were ever to get bitten and consumed by one of these creatures you would defiantly know it and beg for any information to getting rid of them. They are known by a variety of names:
Biting black gnats
Sand flies
Cedar Gnats
Moose Flies
Scientific name: Ceratopogonidae

The following link gives a good insight into what these pests are. Please click on the link and educate yourself on the subject before you give advice on the matter.

No-see-ums are small, mosquito look-a-likes of the Midge family (Figure 1). Mosquito midge and flyFigure 1. Size comparisons of a mosquito (left), midge no-see-um (center), and a common house fly

Oklahoma County Oklahoma

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Thank you for your comment; you are correct that there are such things as biting gnats. The article you cite, however, is from California, where in the Central Valley there is a common outdoor ceratopogonid biting fly. This article should not be taken to mean that such flies are common everywhere, or at all times. Also, these flies are outdoor, not indoor biters. Every call or post is a little different and answers are tailored to each person based on the information provided.