Two of 15 Coral Belles Dying

Asked July 1, 2018, 8:42 AM EDT

Last year I planted 15 Coral Belles between 14 Hastas. They look beautiful together. All of the plants were planted in a raised bed with excellent drainage. Mother Nature and I have kept them watered well this year, but not too much. 12 of the 15 are flourishing between their Hasta sisters. One of the Coral Belles is almost completely dead. The leaves turned brown and their stems fell to the ground. A second one just started this process. A third never has grown well and only keeps small green leaves with no color and no flowers. I am mainly concerned about the two that are dying. Any thoughts?

Jefferson County Kentucky

1 Response

Please bring a sample (leaves, stem and root if possible) of a stressed plant, and a healthy plant to our office in Middletown. The address is 200 Juneau Dr, Suite 400, Louisville, KY 40243. We may be able to identify the problem then but if not the sample will be sent to the UK Plant Diagnostic Lab. Also, any information related to fertilizer and pesticides will be helpful.

Wayne Long
Jefferson County Extension Service