Ants in garden killing my tomato plants

Asked June 30, 2018, 8:04 AM EDT

Hello, I searched you site but didn't find an answer so I thought I'd reach out to see if you a suggestion for me. I have a garden bed with tomato plants & a few marigolds. The plants were really thriving and then I noticed a lot of black ants around the bed and then they moved into the bed. They're not on the plants but I think all their activity is making the soil dry out. Can you tell me how I can get rid of them? - I have a dog - I don't want to kill bees / pollinators - I would like to be able to eat the tomatoes. Appreciate any help! Thank you, Sandy O

Hennepin County Minnesota ants vegetable gardening

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The ants may be present simply because the soil conditions there are favorable for nest building and other activities. If the tomatoes have stopped thriving, something other than ants' presence probably accounts for that.

We don't know of any organic way to eliminate ants in the circumstances you have described.