Crook Neck Yellow Squash

Asked June 29, 2018, 10:26 PM EDT

Hello, I am having some trouble with my crook neck squash plants. This is my first year growing them. We get a large number of squash but they fall off and rot from the inside before maturing. They usually get about 1-2 inches long when this happens. Here are some photos. I have two planted in two different spots and I am having the same issue with both. We added mulch to the soil because it was pretty dry. When I planted them I dug a whole a little bit bigger than the container they came in, added some EB Stone tomato and vegetable food to the soil. I water them regularly, sometimes once a day when the soil looks dry. We started watering them only in the morning about a week ago instead of in the evenings. Just wondering what I am doing wrong. Oh! they are planted in full sun. I have attached photos of one plant and of some of the squash that has fallen off. Thanks for your help!

Multnomah County Oregon squash pollination

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So far, you’re doing fine. The plants look strong and healthy. Only one more thing left: Ensure pollination.

Your squash have a common, non-infectious ailment —lack of pollination. The fruit appears fine until it’s several inches long, then it begins to die back from the tip. Left in place, rot will take over and make a mess of things. So, remove the failed squash as soon as you see it.

Squash must be pollinated by insects. If they don’t do it, you can.

Early each morning, transfer pollen from the male flower to the female with a small artist’s paint brush. See text and images in “Hand Pollination of Squash: