Do you preform soils tests?

Asked June 29, 2018, 12:23 PM EDT

Do you preform soils tests?
If so what type of test is it?
Would it determine contaminates in the soil.

We have a lawn issue that we have been battling for a year. We have had a spray service apply pest control for mites and grubs. Have been told that they no longer exist. Grass is dying and spreading.
We installed new sod this spring. Looked great for a month and now the issue has begun again. Help!

Weld County Colorado

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Yes the CSU Soil lab does testing. You can pick up a kit at the extension in Greeley. I don't know what it will look for/find beyond composition and nutrients. Below are some information sheets related to lawn problems and soil testing.

P.S. Dr. Tony Koski is the expert here and I will refer this to him as well.

It's highly unlikely that there is any type of soil contamination causing the problem you are seeing. On the other hand, it is HIGHLY likely that the problem is irrigation-related - uniformity of coverage, amount, or frequency.

If you could send me some photos of the problem, I might be able to provide a better diagnosis. Send a wide-angle photo or two - as much of the yard as possible - along with a pic from standing height, looking down at the affected area.

Send to me via:
1. Ask an Expert, here
2. email,
3. text to me at 970-222-1450

Thanks, and let me know if you have any additional questions.

Hi Tony,

I have had soils tests done from your CSU lab. Talked with James Self at CSU. He said the soils test show nothing notable. This area was resodded in May only to have it begin dying mid-June. Have had sewer lines checked and gas lines checked. The gas company did find an elevated level of CO2 (.4427%) in their sample test. I am at a complet loss as to what is happening to this front lawn. There is also a tree in the boulevard that is dead. The neighbor next door also has a dead tree in the boulevard.

I have been working with Blair at American Turf and Tree in Greeley, who has treated this lawn for the past 4 years. He is at a loss as well.

Should I be testing for herbisides?

I will get another picture from standing directly over the area and forward it to you. The soil is wet under the dead sod. The sprinklers have been checked often and they are all working fine.

I welcome any help in solving this issue. Would you be interesting in a site visit. I will galdly pay you for your time.

Thank you, Barb Revak 970-302-5482

Picture makes this more "interesting". There does appear to be some sort of (possibly...possibly) application pattern here?

The problem with testing for a herbicide in the soil is that you have to know what to test for - you need a suspected herbicide. Plus, the testing is quite expensive ($100-200+ for each test).

Please send me an email and I'll try to schedule a visit.
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