Fox in garden at night travels by back door

Asked June 29, 2018, 11:30 AM EDT

Good Morning. I am grateful for the fox which passes through our garden of an evening as I believe it may be balancing the vole population. However the path it travels goes right by our back door and our dog is going crazy when she knows it is present. Any thoughts on how I might influence a change from the animal's preferred path to one which is farther from our door ? The barking is having no effect on the fox as this has continued for many weeks now. Thank you.

Alexandria Virginia

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A great resource for landowners in Virginia (and other states) who are having issues with wildlife is On the website, you can select the state where you live and the species which you are having trouble with (in this case, fox), and find solutions to common issues.

If you're looking to deter the fox from using your yard, you can consider using lights and/or motion sensor alarms. You might also use repellents, such as soap shavings, vinegar, commercial fox repellents, or coyote urine.