Honeydew melon inside

Asked June 29, 2018, 3:48 AM EDT

I had a honeydew melon that was very ripe and sweet. when I cut it open, part of melon meat next to seeds was almost clear and gelatinous... there was no exterior damage..I just assumed it was over ripe. Have you ever seen or heard of this? I scooped out the clear jelly and ate most ofv the very sweet lemon...my daughter had a couple bites as well.
My daughter and I have since had liver pain with blood work showing dysfunction, lymphnodes progressively swelling the same ankle pain mind swelling (left only) and I just developed testicular pain...all of this except liver, has been left side of the body for both of us.
I am EXTREMELY healthy with excellent genetics. Blood work is all normal but this is serious and progressing in both me and my 8 year old baby girl. I'm thinking possibly a parasite..

Any thoughts ideas ANYTHING would be appreciated!

Thank you

San Diego County California

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I am not sure about the gelatinous melon. The only thing I can think would be that maybe it was beginning to rot. However, that would create an odor. If it was contaminated it would not be noticeable in the melon.

On the East Coast, there has been a recent recall of some melons contaminated with Salmonella. However, your symptoms do not really match salmonella poisoning.

I would see you contact your local health department to find out if they have any contaminations and also see a doctor. You should mention what you have eaten, it can take as many as two months for symptoms of some foodborne illnesses to surface so you may want to think about other things you both have eaten.

I hope you and your daughter are better soon.