Help identifying what is wrong with my tree

Asked June 28, 2018, 8:46 PM EDT


My evergreen tree in our front yard isn't looking so good this spring/summer. Any chance you are able to identify the issue and if there is a cure? We are also concerned that our neighboring evergreen doesn't become similarly affected.

Thank you,
Molly Brown

Denver County Colorado

2 Responses

The thing I first notice in your photo is the brown lawn under the spruces. That suggests to me that your trees are suffering from a lack of water. Trees under stress from lack of water are susceptible to secondary attack from pests so the tree in the foreground of the photos may be under attack from an insect. From where I'm sitting, it looks like it needs to come out.

I can't see the trunk or branches well enough to see whether there are holes or frass from boring insects. If there are, they could exit the first tree and move to the spruce tree in the back which also looks to be drought-stressed. I recommend you get an arborist out to make an on-site evaluation and recommend a management strategy.

Your neighbor's tree in the distance appears to be a healthy Linden and would not be susceptible to the same pests that kill spruces.

Thank you so much! We will be taking the tree out asap. Molly