any risk keeping a wasp nest

Asked June 28, 2018, 6:32 PM EDT

Hello. I have a solitary wasp living in a birdhouse attached to my window for viewing. It's safe for now. We had hoped to attract birds to watch, but we got a wasp instead. My daughter and I find it fascinating to see the wasp build its papery nest day after day. Is there any danger here? Do solitary wasps build nests to lay eggs? Will I be inundated with wasps in another month? I've seen huge wasp nests before, and I figured they were communal. This is just a little one. It's been educational. I'd hate to kill it. Your advice would be welcomed.

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Sorry for the delay, we just got your question today.
That is fascinating to watch. It is not a solitary wasp though and soon there will be more. This is a paper wasp and if there's only one it's a female.
It's up to you whether you leave it or not to watch the progress, but they will keep adding paper cells, lay eggs and plug the cell until the baby wasps are hatched.
They die with freeze in the late fall and the nests are not reused.

Birds may come to look at the house and flutter around outside but probably not use it.
If it's birds you want, you don't have to kill it. Just wait for her to fly off then disconnect the nest from the roof of the house. She will likely just go elsewhere, but if she doesn't, just do it again.