Tomato Issue

Asked June 28, 2018, 5:37 PM EDT

I always grow my own tomatoes from seed. I have never had any issues with diseases in the past. This year most of my tomatoes developed hard leathey leaves. I have both heirloom and Hybrid and they both are affected. I grow my tomatoes in large pots on my patio. I reuse the dirt and add compost that I make in a rotary composter. I have a lot of coffee grinds and egg shells in the compost. I gave plants to others and their plants are doing well. I use micro nutrient tomato food Algo Flash. Is there anything I can do to treat this. The tomatoes that don't have the condition are within a foot and seem to be doing okay.

Baltimore County Maryland

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This looks a lot like herbicide damage.
Tomatoes can be very sensitive and it can travel far under certain conditions.
Please read more info here:
We doubt that your plant can outgrow this. We suggest new plants in clean mix and clean containers.
As far as gardening in containers, it's iffy, especially when growing heirlooms to reuse soil and not sanitize the pots before replanting each year. See here:

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