Tiny Mites coming out at night and warm weather

Asked June 28, 2018, 2:22 PM EDT

Over the past two Springs and Summers, we have had our concrete areas covered in tiny little bugs. An exterminator last year said they were just mites, and sprayed for them. This treatment, along with anything that I have sprayed, seem to only last a day or two, then they are back crawling around. They also seem to jump if they become aware of trying to be squished. They are so small, that they are able to get under windows and doors. I havent been able to find anything online that seem to fit. Clover Mites are red (and we do have some of those) and Springtails seem to be larger. Is there anything in Denver/Colorado that seem to match this description? I can include photos if I can catch some. We aren't able to be outside when weather is warm because these bugs are all over our concrete patios. Thank You

Denver County Colorado

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Yes! Catch some and if you can get a good photo of them, send it to us. Put something in the photo for scale like a coin or a pencil so we can figure out the size.

If you can't get a photo with enough clarity so we can zoom in and see the parts we need for identification, bring your captives in a sealed jar to the Denver Extension office at 888 E. Iliff Avenue. We can look at them under a microscope.

It's always a good idea to call first to make sure someone is available: 720-913-5270.

Thank you so much, this is great information! I'll try to capture some tonight to take a picture, but they are so small, it may be best to capture some and bring in. Is there usually a time or day that works best, and also how much would it cost to have someone take a look to try and ID these? I would just love to get rid of them because our backyard and patio are pretty much off limits when its warm out because these things are all over the concrete.

The office itself is usually open 9:00 to 4:00-ish so you could leave your jar and contact information anytime and someone will get back in touch with you. The horticulture staff is often out in the field or away at meetings, so if you want to talk to one of them in person, it's best to phone before coming in. There's no charge for the ID.