Is there someone that could be hired to evaluate 32 acres of Marion Berries?

Asked June 28, 2018, 1:43 PM EDT

I am a real estate agent. I have a client that wants to purchase some kind of farm property that would generate some income. He is looking at a property that currently has 32 acres of Marion Berries. I don't know anything about Marion Berries except what I have researched online. My buyer does not know anything about them either. We really need an expert to help in evaluating the crop. Peggy Kernan, Broker Horsepower Real Estate

Clackamas County Oregon

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Some Extension agents with expertise in this area include: Javier Fernandez-Salvador, Wei Yang and Bernadine Strik. I recommend you give your clients Javier's number and he can give them advice over the phone (503-373-3766).

Agricare has consultants and can manage farms: I've worked with TJ Hafner. Oregon Vineyard Supply also consults with berry growers. Various other suppliers (i.e. Marion Ag, Wilbur Ellis, Pratum Coop etc.) also provide technical support, but this is generally more related to specific purchases (i.e. fertilizers and pesticides), rather than the whole farm consulting you are looking for now.

I hope this helps. My background is mainly Organic vegetables, so I'm not an expert in this area, but we do have a lot of resources online here if you haven't seen them: Those resources will also be useful for your clients.