I'm looking into a heritage grain operation in NE Ohio, (an area mostly known...

Asked June 28, 2018, 1:41 PM EDT

I'm looking into a heritage grain operation in NE Ohio, (an area mostly known for its wine production).
I would begin with 2.5 acres, to serve microbreweries, local farm-to-table restaurants/enthusiasts. (After my visit to a distillery in Scotland, I was commited to promoting grain &, in my case, artisan breadmaking.

Right now I'm seeking
1) recommendations on US-made milling machinary, and,
2) how to transform/amend derelict, 40 y/o cow pasture to ground fertile enough to support heritage grains.
Thank you!

Ashtabula County Ohio

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I do not have the resources or contacts to provide recommendations on US made milling equipment but I can certainly help with fertility recommendations for growing grains. The first step is to collect a good representative soil sample of the area that will be used for growing the grains. Based on the soil sample results, recommendations can be provided.
I would advise that you contact your local OSU Extension office in Ashtabula County: https://ashtabula.osu.edu/. They will be able to provide you with information on how to take a good soil sample and will be able to provide fertility recommendations based upon the soil sample results.

Rory Lewandowski

Thanks so much, Rory. I will check with our OSU extension.