White lumpy spots on magnolia

Asked June 26, 2018, 9:21 PM EDT

Hi I just noticed these spots on my magnolia which gets pretty much full sun until 4-5 pm. Attached are some pictures! I appreciate your help to diagnose and treat! Bill Woebkenberg Canton MI

Wayne County Michigan trees and shrubs scale insects

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You have the ‘cottony’ stage of magnolia scale on your trees. Scales are insects that cover themselves with a ‘scale’ for protection from predators. Each white oval is a female scale insect. Timing is important when controlling scale. Here is an article with details on how to treat the tree and what to watch for so that you can time it correctly.


Also, to help keep the tree as vigorous as possible, water the tree during droughts this summer and in the fall if it is dry then. Please write again if you have more questions. Thanks for using our service.