dahlia leaf issue

Asked June 26, 2018, 7:09 PM EDT

attached is the picture . i am concerned regarding the curling new leaf when the leaf is formed it is curled. when it opens it is a harder texture than a tradition leaf. is this okay and if not is this a condition i should be treating it. this is happening on all of these .. some are from tubers, some from two pony garden

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Are you seeing anything other than the leaf curling? Aphids will cause this to happen, but will also leave a stick residue on the leaves. Viruses can also cause deformed leaves, but have many other symptoms.

I would advise you to inspect the plant for insects or anything else out of the ordinary. Insects that cause this kind of damage can be easily treated with a heavy spray with the hose or insecticidal soaps. Plants that are infected with a virus will need to be removed.