Asked June 26, 2018, 7:00 PM EDT

This weed is massively invading our blueberry farm. We call it "Pond Weed," because, besides in the blueberries, it also grows in our duck pond, at the edge of the water. It's not sensitive to Caseron, and in fact, when we have used Caseron to control other weeds, it seems to be sort of Darwin's survival of the fittest, that this weed grows fruitful and multiplies and grows all over as if it eats Caseron for breakfast and lunch. Do you know the correct name of this plant? and is there anything we could use to control it, which wouldn't also hurt the blueberry bushes? If not, we will just have to go on tediously mowing and weedwacking. Thanks, Will Chamberlain; Wilinda Blueberry Farm, 730 Frankton Road, Hood River OR 97031

Hood River County Oregon

2 Responses

This looks like some kind of rush or sedge species. I cannot tell which one from your images. I am going to refer you to our weed scientist on campus who works with perennial crops such as blueberries. Give Marcelo a call or email his oregonstate email address with these photos. He may have some ideas for you.
I am not an expert in these crops, but one herbicide that may have activity on these species and is labeled in blueberries would be halosulfuron. Trade name would include Sandea, etc. Ask Marcelo about this herbicide.

Thanks Andrew!