Young gala apple tree: red spots on leaves

Asked June 26, 2018, 12:48 PM EDT

Hello, About a month ago, approximately Memorial Day weekend, we planted two young apple trees. One is a gala and the other is a Fuji. Red spots have begun to appear on the gala's leaves. The Fuji has some spotting but looks healthier in comparison. I can't determine the cause of the spotting and do not know if it's a serious condition. Any advise you can provide is appreciated. I've attached three photos of the gala and can provide additional if needed. Thank you, Rachel

Baltimore County Maryland

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The orange spots are a symptom of cedar apple rust, a common fungal disease of apples. It is worse in wet seasons but something that can be seen every year. Unfortunately, there is no cure once the symptoms are present. Apple trees need to be on a spray schedule starting early in the growing season to prevent diseases such as rust.
Please see #4 in the following information,

At minimum rake up and dispose of any fallen leaves especially in the fall.