How to get rid of vines

Asked June 26, 2018, 12:48 AM EDT

Dear Garden Guru,

Is there a non-toxic way I can get rid of these vines? Some are a type of grape vine and I'm not sure about the others. In many places, they are impossible to dig up. I sprayed clove oil on them, but all that did was make them shiny and nice smelling. I keep tearing them down, but that's continual work, and I often miss some, which take over and smother my flowers. I've heard of pouring boiling water on them. How many gallons of H2O will that take per plant to be sure to kill them? How close to trees and other plants can I get without killing them? What are your other suggestions?

If those methods don't work, what would be the best option to get rid of them even if it is a poison? How close to a tree can I get without killing it? I have some areas of my yard that I don't care if they are a "dead zone" for a year just so I can get rid of these evil vines and start over.

I appreciate any advice!

Thank you,

Ramsey County Minnesota

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The second picture is Virginia creeper, the third appears to be a type of grape, I have no idea on the first picture. All are difficult to eradicate, boiling water is very hard to apply without getting it on everything else. You must remove all of the plant you can then treat with a product labeled "brush killer", if you want to control the spread of the herbicide use rubber gloves and wipe it onto the new leaves that emerge.