Help with controlling crown (purple vetch)

Asked June 25, 2018, 11:13 PM EDT

Hi, We have an invasion of crown vetch in our woodland setting - amongst native grasses, ferns, wild flowers, etc. We tried pulling for the last two years but it returns. Have researched a bit more and want to try the strategy of mowing down followed by herbicide approach. We did just mow it down and are ready for herbicide. We have identified 2 possibilities - Milestone and Transline as it appears they are more selective and have high effectiveness. We want to preserve other plants as much as possible. Which herbicide do you recommend and do you know where we can obtain it? Also, do you have any additional advice? This is a dreadful plant - it literally takes over everything else and we do not want further spread in our woodland setting that we have strived to keep natural. We are also on a lake but the vetch is not within 500 feet. At about the same time, we are also battling Canada thistle. Will the same strategy work on this invasive plant? This is up at our cabin near Duluth - but in the Twin Cities where we live we are noticing it more and more. For example, 35e in Eagan/Burnsville the sides of the freeway are completely covered in it. Why doesn't the highway department remove it - or did they actually plant it as ground cover? I would hope that by now there are policies in place to use native plants only on areas adjoining roads and highways. Thank you.

St. Louis County Minnesota

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both those products are expensive and fairly harsh. one step down from that level of expense and harshness if garlon 3 mixed in water. it is foliar spray at 2-4 % and will kill vetch. like the other two above it will kill nontarget broadleaves. in my experience vetch is a carpet of nasty and not much else is growing with it. killing the patch of vetch is worth a few non-targets . most ag cooperatives should be able to get garlon 3. if not you can use crossbow (but it has 2,4,d in it so only on days with low winds and cool temps (nothing warmer than 75 for 2-3 days after spraying.