protecting hazelnuts until harvest from squirrels

Asked June 25, 2018, 9:24 PM EDT

Years ago I planted some hazelnut trees I got from the National Arbor Day Foundation. Last summer I had a bumper crop coming on. I waited until the recommended harvest time--late July, early August--and found not a single nut! How can I protect my hazelnuts this year?

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There is no simple way other than fencing or netting of some kind. You could try scare tactics but they usually are not very effective. You could also get a permit to try and trap them by calling 1-800-662-7137 or 919 662-7137. You might also try spraying with red pepper spray which can be purchased for just that purpose, check with the garden centers or it can be mail ordered.

Thank you!

Larry Roth

You are very welcome and good luck!