Blackberry red drupelet syndrome

Asked June 25, 2018, 1:18 PM EDT

20-30% of my berries are getting red drupelets. Sometimes random or in larger drupelet groups..I understand this can occur after picking if there are big temperature changes, but mine seem to occur prior. Am I just not letting them ripen all the way? I didn’t have this problem last year. We have had some heavey rains and winds over the last week..last year I didn’t start picking until after July 4th..My rows run north and south. Any help is appreciated..!

McClain County Oklahoma

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Thank you for your question. Sorry for the delayed answer, and it may well have solved itself. But here is an excellent Extension article with the possibilities, most of which you have no control over: If this doesn’t answer your question, I suggest you contact your county Extension office directly. Their contact info is here: Good luck!

Thanks, yes, definitely a syndrome that we have little power over..fortunately for me the red and white drupelet syndrome never got to extensive and in fact seemed less prevalent in the following weeks..Sun, rain, theirs 3 bad boys you can’t stop! Though I have read that shade netting or watering during the heat of the day can reduce scalding!