Tomato plants

Asked June 25, 2018, 12:01 PM EDT

Why are my tomato plants tall and spindly andnot very green? I fertilized the plants with 10 10 10 when I planted them and have since put fish fertilizer on them. The ones in the image are in a raised bed. I have the same problem with the ones planted on the ground. The ones in the ground are growing at a much slower rate and are about a third the size of the ones in the raised bed. I hope you have some ideas. Thanks Mary

Charles County Maryland

3 Responses

Plants in a raised bed have warmer roots when air temperature get warm and soil lags behind. That explains why your tomatoes in the raised bed is doing better than the others.

The pale, spindly growth points to a need for more nitrogen. Follow the fertilizing recommendations (or equivalent) on our tomatoes webpage:

In a year when there are tremendous amounts of rain, the rain with wash away nutrients and more fertilizer may be needed to supplement that.


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