Evergreens Dying in Yard

Asked June 24, 2018, 6:41 PM EDT

Hello, I have two evergreen trees that appear to be dying in my yard. Both trees were healthy up until last fall. Several branches on the trees have lost all of their needles and are very dry. The cones on the dead branches did not drop off the tree. One tree has dead branches sporadically from top to bottom, the other tree only has dead branches at the top. I lost a tree in a similar fashion two years ago. Any thoughts on what I should do would be most welcome.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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How often do you water your tree? Do you have mulch around the trunk? Do you fertilize the tree? If so, how often and with what? BLUE SPRUCE (Picea pungens), is the Colorado state tree. It does not tolerate drought and should not be used in xeriscapes. Mulch around the tree to help conserve soil moisture. In the wild, blue spruce colors vary from green and blue-green to silver-green. Selections and grafted varieties are available in nurseries. Pests include spider mites, tussock moth larvae, Cooley gall aphids and giant conifer aphids.