tomato plant problems

Asked June 24, 2018, 5:19 PM EDT

I'm trying to grow tomato plants in whiskey barrels. Last year, my tomato plants got infested with a fungus that I also came to the extension for help, and was told I had to thoroughly clean the barrels with a diluted bleach solution and that should take care of the problem. This year, I've planted tomatoes in the pots with fresh organic soil, and the plants just aren't growing - the leaves are a dull green color, not like a normal growing tomato plant. I put some organic fertilizer on the plants a couple of weeks ago also, with no effect. I rinsed the barrels thoroughly last year, but I'm thinking that the bleach used to clean may have contaminated my new soil and made the ph too high. Thoughts?

El Paso County Colorado

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Hello, thank you for your question I believe that the bleach solution should be gone since you you rinsed your barrels and you probably didn’t fill them until spring with new soil. Bleach solution will loose its strength over time as well. Since your planting containers are wood it might make a bit difficult to figure out how much water the tomatoes get, I believe the barrels might absorb some water. Make sure you check the soil frequently, tomatoes don’t like to be overwatered or underwatered. They like lots of sunshine (at least 6 hrs) and warm temperatures. Fertilize every 2 weeks during grow period. Our weather has been a bit temperamental. This might be a contributor too. If you are concerned you could always send in a soil sample to CSU extension. See the link below for the info. There you find info on soil tests and also tomato care