Tart vs sweet cherries in a canning recipe

Asked June 24, 2018, 3:03 PM EDT

I have a cherry bbq recipe from a 2018 Better Homes & Garden publication that calls for tart cherries which I can’t find. Would it be safe to swap sweet cherries for the tart cherries (which are everywhere). Thanks!

Loudoun County Virginia

1 Response

Cherries have a range of pH values which raises some safety questions. I would refer you to the Loudoun County Extension office Food Safety Agent at 434-771-5838 for a personalized discussion. Thanks for the great pictures and the recipe. There would not be an issue for the substitution, except a minor flavor change, if the sauce is being frozen as one option in the recipe above. Canning recipes need to be obtained from researched based and tested, which this may be, for me to be able to say yes to the substitution for canning. The agent in Loudoun and I do the same work and a discussion would be best given the circumstances and he is a great local resource for canning. Let me know if you have additional questions.