short shrubs for pollinators

Asked June 24, 2018, 12:05 PM EDT

Hello. I'm looking for recommendations for low-growing (up to 18") evergreen shrubs, which can take full sun, in Beaverton, and will attract pollinators. White flowers preferable, but would consider any. Thank you!

Washington County Oregon

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Choosing a plant is best done by visiting nurseries in the area. I could provide a list of possible plants, but you really need to choose from what is in production and available for purchase. If you narrow your options and want a strengths/weaknesses discussion, check back here.
Consider, for pollinators, which season you are wanting. Long-blooming summer shrubs? Or early winter, like the winter jasmine or heathers? There are also autumn bloomers to provide flowers after the main food supplies are done.
Another caution is that in most cases shearing evergreens to maintain size or shape means cutting off most of the blooming wood. Allowing 18" to include the flowers and avoid shearing will require careful plant selection.
This "10-minute University" publication from Clackamas County Master Gardeners, Attracting Pollinators, lists the types of pollinators. It's not only bees.

Thank you. This is all very helpful. Lots of considerations!