Will these flowers survive the road salt?

Asked June 24, 2018, 10:39 AM EDT

Early blooming: -Pasqueflower -Prairie Smoke, 8"-16" -Virginia Bluebells, 1-2 feet -Penstemon Gracilis, 1-2 feet (Slender Beardtongue) -Red Columbine (Aquilegia Canadensis) -Wild Lupine, 1-1.5 feet •sole host plant for caterpillars of rare Karner Blue butterfly (federal endangered)• Midsummer blooming: -Butterfly Weed, 1-2 feet (have them) -Blanketflower, 1-2 feet (Gaillardia Aristata) -Narrow-leaved Coneflower, 1-2 feet -Liatris Punctata (Dotted Blazingstar) 1-2 feet -Orange Coneflower, 1-1.5 feet (Rudbeckia Fulgida) -Golden Alexander, 1-2 feet Later blooming: -Great Blue Lobelia, 1-1.5 feet -Liatris Squarrosa (Scaly Blazingstar) 1-2 feet -Purple Prairie Clover, 1-2 feet -Monarda Punctata (Spotted Bee Balm, Dotted Mint, Dotted Horsemint) 1-2 feet •for adults of rare Karner Blue butterfly (federal endangered)•

Ramsey County Minnesota native plants salt tolerant plants

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This list may be useful for planning purposes:

To get information about plants not listed there, try entering the full name of each species plus "salt tolerance" in your browser. The most reliable information comes from government and university-based websites.

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