When/how/where do I use the fertilizer I just bought?

Asked June 23, 2018, 6:21 PM EDT

At a garage sale, I just bought KELP MEAL 1-0.1-2; BONE MEAL 3-15-0; SEABIRD GUANO 0-11-0; BAT GUANO 0-7-0; and BAT GUANO 9-3-1. All are from DOWN TO EARTH in Eugene, and while some of the bags only have a pound or two in them, the KELP MEAL weighs about 30 pounds, and there are about 15 pounds of BONE MEAL and BAT GUANO 0-7-0. I have raised beds with mostly perennial flowers, beans, corn, spinach, carrots, peas, sunflowers, etc. DOWN TO EARTH's website says that Nitrogen energizes vegetative growth, Phosphorus produces expansive roots, flower, fruits and viable seeds, and Potassium promotes resistance to disease and temperature stress. But I don't know which ones to use nor when to apply them. Any help is sincerely appreciated. (I'm also wondering if I got a good deal for $20--plus the seller threw in a 20-gallon plastic pot!) Oh, I also have dahlias and gladioli, California poppies, Cerise poppies given to me by COMG about four years ago. I am in NE Bend.

Deschutes County Oregon

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Hi, So you will just want to follow the label on the bag, generally you will fertilize vegetables periodically throughout the season. Same with annuals. Perennials can be fertilized in the beginning of the season. One of the more general fertilizers is the bat guano 9-3-1, so that can be one used on most plants. The other ones are for more special uses, you can use them periodically, but I wouldn't overuse them. Bone meal can encourage flowering in plants.

Thanks, Amy Jo