Goose with broken wing

Asked June 23, 2018, 2:21 PM EDT

My step-son has a goose with a broken wing living on his property near his pond. She’s been there a week and he just noticed the broken wing. He doesn’t know how long the wing has been broken. What can he do to help her?

Midland County Michigan

3 Responses

Is this a wild goose or a domestic goose?

This is a wild Canadian goose.

Being wild there is likely not much he can legally do other than making sure that there is food available. Has he contacted the DNR? I'm not sure if they would try to catch the goose or not and if they were able to get the goose if they would take it to a veterinarian or just euthanize it. The Canadian Goose is very common.
If the problem is not severe, the goose may recover with time. Many years ago, I had a client who had a female goose live on their pond for several years. They provided shelter and food in the winter. Her mate would return each spring and they would raise a family. The sad thing was her watching everyone fly off in the fall, leaving her behind.