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Asked June 22, 2018, 10:45 PM EDT

I want to thank John Harville for answering my first post from 6-19-18,Now that I have the answer I'll move forward to the next series of questions.

How do I completely install a whole new backyard lawn with grass seed,I know I have to till the whole area,Once this process is complete,What are my next steps,I have attached pictures,Please explain in detail how to achieve a healthy beautiful lawn.
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Thank you for the feedback, I will forward it to John.

MSU does a lot of research on turfgrass and has a good site for homeowners, containing many detailed articles on starting new or renovating existing lawns.

The best time to do this is late summer when the possibility of hot dry days is less likely- usually the end of August. Doing this in summer requires lots more watering and more of your time.

Here is an outline of steps-

- assess the area for sun exposure, consider shady lawn alternatives for areas that receive less than 6 hours sun per day-

-test the soil-

-acquire materials, including fresh seed-

-prep soil bed- killing weeds and undesirable grasses; then amend soil according to soil test results( this includes starter fertilizer application) As always, please read the label, following all precautions and directions when using herbicides and chemicals.

-apply seed and lightly top with straw or other material to reduce loss to birds

  • water keeping moist until seed germinates(7-21 days)
  • Allow grass to reach 3-4 inches high before mowing.
  • Continue to keep soil moist by supplementing rain until ground freezes in November.
  • Practice good care by mowing high- 3-4 inch grass leaf length = longer roots; water early in day so grass dries before evening; follow soil test results for your fertilization schedule after lawn is established. Apply weed control according to above link on seeding a new lawn.

Here are some additional links for you-

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