Can cedar mulch cause cedar apple rust?

Asked June 22, 2018, 4:56 PM EDT

I noticed some yellow/orange spots that look like pictures I’ve seen of cedar apple rust starting on my two Honeycrisp apple trees. We purchased them from Menards around mid or early May. A few weeks after planting I mulched with cedar wood chips. I hadn’t looked at the leaves too closely until recently so I don’t know if the spots started before or after mulching. Would it be more likely that they caught the fungus at the store since they’re close to lots of cedar and juniper trees there? How soon after getting the fungus would the spots appear? I read that they can only get it from live trees and not likely from mulch. I have one other apple tree yet to mulch (Stayman). So I wanted to check before putting cedar chips on it as well. Thank you.

Chisago County Minnesota

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Cedar apple rust needs the two different trees to produce cedar apple rust. You can mulch your trees. Here is a link to info about cedar apple rust.

I couldn’t get the link to work so I did a search on the UMN extension website for Cedar Apple rest. What I found on the page titled “Growing apples in the home garden”. Is the following quote:
“Avoid cedar mulch as it may carry the fungus that causes cedar-apple rust.”
But I also recall reading somewhere that it couldn’t get it from cedar mulch but only from a live tree. Thanks

Sorry about the link problem. The U has changed some things with their site and some things are not working correctly. Here is a link to some info.