Soil tests for hazardous defoiliants

Asked June 22, 2018, 4:35 PM EDT

I recently purchased a home near Thermopolis WY. I learned from a neighbor that the previous owner sprayed "Agent Orange" on his driveway to kill off the vegetation. This would have been about 7 years ago. Apparently the owner worked for the power company so might just have had access to potent defoiliants. The neighbor claimed to have personally been give a gallon of "Agent Orange." So, let's say the person is not mis-remembering history. Is there a way I can get a soil test, not for garden optimization, but to detect hazardous chemicals like the ones mentioned? Many Thanks

Hot Springs County Wyoming

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One of the active ingredients in Agent Orange is 2,4-D.

As you may be aware, this is a very common herbicide used in lawns to kill dandelions. However, it will not kill grass so would not be used a ground sterilant.

There are several other products that would fit in the "kill everything" category, including glyphosate.

It is very expensive to test for chemicals, especially if you want to test for everything. If you decide to test for a few things, I suggest contacting the WY Dept of Ag:
Cynthia Fulton
Lead Officer - Pesticide Enforcement Powell
Phone: 307.754.3152