Fabric bags for container gardening.

Asked June 22, 2018, 3:42 PM EDT

We are thinking of using fabric bags for container gardening as a program for children at the library. How should these be filled? Would I need rocks at bottom of bag, etc. This would be first time using this method, I am a totally inexperienced gardener. Any basic information would be much appreciated. Thanks

Wayne County Michigan

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Hello. I am wondering if you can give me a little more information. How large are the bags-will they hold one plant or more? Are you planting veggies or flowers? Will the plants stay in the bags the rest of the season or be transplanted? Thank you.

30 gallon bags, we used top soil for vegetables. we have cherry tomato, green pepper, green beans and are planning on planting some herbs.

Also interested in knowing some non-pesticide deterrents to bugs.
Watering schedule would be good also, we are not planning on transplanting, but i suppose the herbs may have to be .


How fun are those! The biggest issue with any container planting is drainage. If roots are sitting in a ‘puddle’ plants will not flourish. These bags look like they are porous? If not try poking a few holes in the bottom. Irrigate as needed. As the season progresses and the root mass gets larger you may find yourself watering every day. Even if it rains check to make sure your containers received enough moisture. Until you see a pest there is no need to do anything. The best course of action is to ID the pest and target the treatment for that particular problem. Spraying or treating without seeing or knowing the pest is not good for our environment. Hope this helps.