Grass invader in our lawn

Asked June 22, 2018, 2:31 PM EDT

This year we are seeing a large invasion of a new type of grass throughout our lawn. We in live Clarkston, Michigan in Oakland County. Our lawn is on a regular fertilization program and we have sprinklers. Perhaps you recognize this invader and have a suggestion for elimination?

Oakland County Michigan lawns and turf

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I apologize for the long wait on your question. It was assigned accidentally to a volunteer who has been unavailable.

I.D. of grasses from a photo is difficult. Your photos are very good, and it looks like tall fescue. You have a few ways to be sure.

Bring a 4 inch by 4 inch sample dug up with roots attached to MSU Extension Plant and Pest Hotline office. By examining the details of the plant- roots, ligule, auricles, etc, identification can be made.

The MSU office is located at 1200 N. Telegraph Rd, building 26 East, second floor. They are open 8:30-4 pm, closed from Noon to 1pm for lunch. There is a $5 fee for identification, and they will give you control options.

A second choice is send a sample to MSU Plant Diagnostic lab in East Lansing. Here is there website describing how to take a sample and mail it to them:

A third choice is to examine the plant parts yourself and compare them to the pictures and descriptions on MSU’s Turf Weeds website. Management and control options are described under each type of weed. You will probably want to use a hand lens to examine the small ligule and auricles on the leaves of the grass.

If you decide to try ID yourself look over the description of the plant’s parts here-

Some weedy grasses can be controled with specific chemicals when they are mixed in with Kentucky Blue Grass lawns, and some require that you kill the whole area with a nonselective herbicide. So, getting the specific grass identified is a good idea. I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for using our service.