Burning bush - unhealthy branches

Asked June 22, 2018, 12:26 PM EDT

Our burning bush produced *some* unhealthy branches. The leaves of these branches look very different from the rest: they are smaller, they're not entirely smooth, and their green is brighter. We don't know what is going on. Could you please help us? Thanks.

Rice County Minnesota

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This may be herbicide damage caused by drift from application. Have you or a neighbor sprayed herbicide recently?

We haven't sprayed any herbicide anywhere and the bush is far from our neighbors. Any other ideas? Many thanks.

Did you prune this area of branches?

We pruned all our burning bushes as always. Never has anything like that happened before. At the very forefront of the enclosed picture you can see the two thick branches responsible for the problematic leaves. The other thick branches on this bush and on the adjacent burning bushes bear beautiful, normal-looking leaves. I hope this helps. Thanks!

I am not certain there is anything to be concerned about at this time. Consider the plant may be lacking nutrients (light green small leaves) and feed it with a fertilizer for deciduous shrubs.

Keep an eye on these branches (and others). Watch for dieback, leafdrop, worsening leaf curl, insects. Watch too for new leaves emerging and if it appears on other shrubs.

Contact us again if anything changes.