Garden contamination?

Asked June 22, 2018, 11:39 AM EDT

I used a lot of horse manure from my neighbor in my garden. I think some of the broadleaf killer she uses went "through" the horse and is now causing big problems for my growing green beans and tomatoes. Is there anything I can do short of removing/ replacing my soil?

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Apparently, it is possible for herbicides to pass through into manure. Here is an article that describes in more detail what you concerned about: . It may be next season before you can safely plant in that garden space. You will need to find out what herbicides were used, before you can determine how long the carryover period will be and/ or what vegetables you might be able to plant safety this year. If you contact me by email with this information, I can help you look up the labels to see what the carryover period is for the vegetables in your garden.

Thanks, Diane. This is the second year of the contamination for me. Last time I applied manure was fall of 2016. Last year was a total bust - nothing grew. This year, some things are growing, but still displaying definite symptoms of contamination. I was looking for something I could do to improve the situation, other than waiting years for it to subside. Unfortunately, my neighbor does not have ingredient information for the spray she used on her horse pasture.