Asparagus....3rd year

Asked June 22, 2018, 11:33 AM EDT

should I be cutting my asparagus - this is its 3rd year. you may also call me.....605-786-6457 Jane

Pennington County South Dakota

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After you have your asparagus planted don't expect immediate results. It should not be harvested until the third year after planting. The first two years are important for getting the plants well established. Harvesting can start when the first shoots appear in the spring and continue up to the 4th of July. Don't be greedy and harvest asparagus after this time. The plants need this time to store up food in their roots for next spring's crop. Vigorous leafy growth is the best assurance of a good yield the following season. Allow the asparagus top to remain through the winter to catch snow and provide extra moisture for next year. The tops can be removed early next spring. A well weeded asparagus bed should last 35 to 40 years without renewal.
I will call.