Small poultry producer exemption

Asked June 22, 2018, 11:28 AM EDT

Good Morning,

My wife and I run a small farm and for the last few years we've successfully raised and slaughtered about 100-150 poultry per year. Most of these are for personal consumption, but we think we should try to bring some to our local farmers market to test the waters. I see that there is an exemption to having a FDA approved processing facility for producers that grow under 1000 birds. I've read the rules regarding the exemption and we're pretty much inline right now. My question is really two fold, Do we need to register somewhere or with someone to actually get a "copy" of our exemption? Because I'm not seeing any names or contact information for anyone to actually "receive" an exemption. If its just an outright exemption, as long as we follow the rules/guidelines, is there any proof or information we should have on hand when we do sell our birds at a farmers market type environment?

Barry County Michigan

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USDA has an exemption for less than 1000 birds per year that exempts the need for USDA inspection.

Selling 150 birds per year directly to consumers from your farm for their own personal use falls under the custom exemption part of the USDA exemption.

In order to sell at a farmers market (or to restaurants or retail) in Michigan, birds must be processed at a Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) licensed facility or a USDA inspected establishment. You can contact MDARD at 800.292.3939 to obtain a list of licensed poultry processors.