Impatiens problem

Asked June 21, 2018, 3:12 PM EDT

I could use your help! My potted impatiens plant has brown spots on many of the leaves. The plant otherwise seems to be healthy. I see no bugs, rot, mold, etc. The leaves are not dropping off. I am wondering what this is and most importantly how to treat it. Any help you can give would be wonderful! Debbie


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Are the spots raised or sunken into the leaf? They look raised to me. Can you wipe them off or are they into the leaf tissue? Try wiping them off with warm soap and water and let me know.

I think the spots are a tiny bit raised. I could not wipe them off with the soap and warm water.
Thank you!

This looks like a leaf spot disease, galls or scale. There's no cure for any of these based on the current damage to the plant. I would throw the plant out and purchase a new one.

Thank you for your help!