Bee nest ?

Asked June 21, 2018, 1:01 PM EDT

We have a deck that sits about 6" high on a concrete slab, difficult to look under it. Recently I have observed what looks like black bees going under it in one area. How can or should I deal with this? We have small children who sometimes play in the area.I have attempted to get a photo with no success. Thank you, Lyle Huber

Multnomah County Oregon

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Hi Lyle, you are probably correct that you are dealing with bees. Most of the native bee species in Oregon nest in the ground, and under your deck will be a protected place for them.
Most bees are not aggressive, will not sting unless provoked, and are considered beneficial pollinators. Unless stinging were to become an issue, its probably best to let them "bee". If you just must encourage them to find a new home, saturating the ground multiple times with water can encourage them to find a new place to nest, but it may not be worth the high volume of water necessary to encourage them.
With many species, you can count on them being active at specific times, and/ or having specific flight patterns. If you can watch them to see the flight pattern, just avoiding that specific area when they are most active can limit human/ bee interactions. I hope this helps!