Finishing Steers - Black Angus

Asked June 20, 2018, 7:56 PM EDT

I read a post about finishing some heifers ( and it was said that they could grow about 2-3 lbs per day. I have a similar scenario, except with black angus steers. I understand steers grow faster than heifers, but I was was not sure by how much more. I bought three black angus steers on May 1 at an average weight of 723 lbs and I would like to finish them by Dec 1. We have a lush green pasture and plenty of water. Some I will finish with grain (although not sure what is recommended). What weight could I get them to by then and how fast could I anticipate them to grow per day?


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Thanks for posting the picture. They look like healthy and like they have been growing well.

Growth rate depends on the quality of the diet they are fed plus their genetics. They should gain about 3 pounds per day. I am not familiar with the pasture quality and quantity but for the fastest rate of gain try to work them up to the point where they are consuming about 3% of their body weight in dry matter feed. For example a 800 pound steer would need to consume about 24# of dry matter or about 27 pounds of feed.

A ration that is about 10 - 12% crude protein should work.

I would expect them to be closes to 1,100 pounds by Dec 1st which should be close to being ready, maybe a little light.

There are many variables and unknowns in your question. I will be glad to provide clarification if needed.

Keith Martin