Brown disease ? Fungus on begonia

Asked June 20, 2018, 4:52 PM EDT

I’ve kept the escargot begonia inside a porch until rains have let up, & it’s done fine. Now in the ground 2-3 wks developed brown edges & fungus spots?? Have rx with bonide organic insecticidal spray & Neem spray on surrounded ground. ???? Holes on morning glories, ?? Little weird bug

Howard County Maryland

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The begonia is having difficulty with how wet the weather has been, which can increase the incidence of leaf spot diseases. Stop spraying. It's not a pest and those products can take out any number of beneficial insects as well.

The insect on the Morning Glory leaf is a young, nymphal stage of a type of good/beneficial predator bug called an Assasin Bug. They help control other pest insects. Here is a page about them: He did not make the hole in the leaf. It's impossible to know who did.

The Phylostica leaf spots on Maple leaves are not uncommon, especially in wet years.