Brown spots on leaves of SnowSweet apple tree

Asked June 20, 2018, 3:49 PM EDT

Hi. I recently noticed brown spots on some of the leave on my SnowSweet apple tree. I planted the tree in the fall of 2017. The tree is about 8' tall at this time with a couple of dozen apples on it. I'm attaching a photo of leaves. Wondering if you can help me out with identifying what these spots would be and if I'd need to take any action. Thanks. Mark.

Wright County Minnesota

1 Response

The photo of your leaf appears as though the tree could have Apple Scab or Black Rot. I would recommend looking at the link below. It contains information about both diseases. Symptoms affect more than the leaves. You will want to look at the branches and the fruit. If you are unsure I would recommend calling a local tree care company and request an arborist come look at it for an opinion.