cooking for one or two resources?

Asked June 20, 2018, 3:05 PM EDT

Greetings! I'm wondering if you have some handouts or guides about healthy shopping and cooking for one or two people.

Douglas County Oregon

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In the old days Extension offered classes on cooking for 1 or 2 but at this time we are no longer offering them and the publications are very out of date. I would suggest googling the internet for some of the common cooking sites or go to the library and look for cook books that are geared to cooking for 1 or 2.

OSU does have a food hero website with lots of healthy recipes you might like to check out. These recipes are developed for our low income nutrition education program.

You can always make the regular recipe and freeze the remainder for planned left overs. Saves on cooking time.

Good luck and thanks for using Ask an Expert

Nellie Oehler