Tree Issue

Asked June 20, 2018, 9:55 AM EDT

There is a tree in a yard that has been there for at least 15 years. It outlines the driveway along with 5 others that are the same. This is the only one that started to bloom earlier in the season before the others and now it looks like it must be Autumn and it is losing it's leaves. There is good drainage in that area. There has been no spraying of any chemicals on the trees. Is this tree dying? Is there any way to save the tree?

Wicomico County Maryland

1 Response

Is there any injury around the base of the tree or to the trunk? It does look like the tree is dying and, with the damage that extensive throughout the canopy, it is unlikely anything can be done to save it. Fire blight is a bacterial disease that we are seeing a lot of this year due to the very wet weather we have had. We have seen fire blight all throughout the canopy of some Bradford pear trees like this.

All that said, Bradford pear trees have become problematic. Seeds from Bradford pears have spread extensively into natural areas where they out-compete many of our native plants that are needed for wildlife. You can learn more about this here.
We would encourage you to think about a replacement tree. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers a rebate for planting native trees. You can find a list of recommended trees here on their website.