beetle in house

Asked June 19, 2018, 5:28 PM EDT

Hello, Over the years I have found several beetles in my garage and in the basement of my house. The are about 1/2" in length. It looks like a tick's body shape. But the back is flat and is concave. It has a small head, antennas and 6 legs. It is a dusty brown color with two darker spot on its back. The interesting thing about this bug is it looks as if it is covered in sand. Please tell me what you think this little guy is. If he's beneficial I will take him back to the garage, or the basement. I do have a photo of him. Thanks so much! I really want to identify this beetle.

Douglas County Colorado

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That is a nymph of the masked hunter

The masked hunter is a kind of insect known as an assassin bug, and it develops as a predator, eating other insects in the home.

The immature stage has a body that is somewhat sticky and whatever debris it walks through sticks to its body. When I see one in the wood shop it is covered with sawdust. Under the bed they look like walking dust balls.

One caution - they can give a painful bite if you pick one up. But if you don't pick them up they won't bother you.