Asked June 19, 2018, 10:47 AM EDT

I do a lot of rebounding along with some strength training exercises. I was wondering if the rebounding conversion to distance walked is in its own category or is it close enough to say aerobic exercises? Thanks!

Cache County Utah

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There is not a whole lot of information on how rebounding is equivalent to walking distance. One source (https://www.newschoolers.com/forum/thread/155523/Five-to-eight-minutes-on-a-trampoline-is-equivalent...) says that 5-8 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to running 1 mile, but I don't know where this source obtained the information so I do not know how accurate it is.

Another way to compare exercises is to use metabolic equivalents (MET - which expresses the energy cost of physical activities as a multiple of the resting metabolic rate). In this comparison, it appears that recreational rebounding (with a MET 3.5) is similar to brisk walking at 3 miles per hour (with a MET 3.3).