tomato plant

Asked June 18, 2018, 9:50 PM EDT

I have 3 tomato plants growing in a raised planter. two plants are doing fine, but the third plant, which is a heirloom plant and the most expensive is growing but the sides of the leaves are curling up. What should I do?

Lane County Oregon

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First question has to be how big is your planter? Most tomatoes require the equivalent of a minimum of 5 gallons of space and 8 is far better for containers. The heirloom may not be as competitive as the other two plants. Leaf curling is usually a sign of stress.
May may be root space, nutrients, temperature fluctuations or water (too much or to little.) A picture of the situation may help. You might want to transplant the heirloom to its own area if any of the above seem pertinent. Do you know the names of the tomatoes and are they indeterminate or determinant? Thank you for contacting us and do get back to me as needed..